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Mr. Salner, a certified global MTCS holder has served as an active head and influential partner since the company’s inception. As owner and current President, William is an Independent Contractor that brings a unique vision and approach to managing the direction of Salner Contracting. His personal philosophies have shaped the company’s values and set the standard for our unparalleled customer service and delivery.

William has been a key power to construction bids, offshore bids and contract presentations over a long period of time. His unique experience has lead to the successive growth of the company and a major boost to modern world project execution. He executes projects when awarded and delivers quality in a timely manner. He has vast experience as an Engineer, project manager and has featured in notable projects across the globe. He is an endorsed and registered member of CCC, ADCI, OSHA, EAB and TCPN.

William began working in the marine construction industry

After completing his studies in Copenhagen University. He worked in the Gulf of Mexico offshore oilfield as a tender, pipe-fitter, technician, and diver. After being reassigned to Aberdeen, Scotland he continued his experience with offshore construction, fabrication, shallow and deep - water operations. William has fabricated, operated, and maintained deep air or gas and saturation diving systems throughout his career. He worked as a diver on large derrick barges, semi-submersibles, and work boats in the North Sea during year-round conditions for the installation of (4) fixed-leg oil production platforms with pipeline tie-ins up to 420-feet water depths in the BP Forties Field.

He eventually became a project and dive supervisor

Or superintendent responsible for 60 diving and life-support personnel while conducting shallow air and saturation diving operations for BNOC on the Thistle Alpha production platform for two years. Later, moving to USA, he worked as an air or gas diver and supervisor in the SB Channel offshore oilfield, conducted sanitary outfall pipe repairs on Northern California pulp mills and seawater intake repairs at SCE power plants in SoCal. He was a saturation dive supervisor for the Exxon USA deep water offshore Platform Hondo SALM Buoy installation.

After short term assignments offshore Bombay, India and Ivory Coast as a gas diver and saturation dive supervisor he founded Salner Contracting Inc. (SCI) in 1998 as a marine and diving consulting firm. Purchasing an ROV system in 2000 and obtaining miscellaneous contractor’s licenses, Salner maintains his passion and commitment to provide innovative solutions for marine and underwater construction.

For the past 25 years,

William has been responsible for business development with a broad-based list of engineers, public works agencies, and contractor clientele. They routinely utilize diving and marine services for a wide range of inspection, repair, rehabilitation, and new construction projects.

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